During the years Convert has modulated its market approach, starting from UPS and complex Power Systems  for the telecommunication industry to the Renewable Energy, but its company culture has been always based on research, to provide innovative technological and reliable solutions, regarding installations, design and components to the industry, in this case the Photovoltaic one.


One year of research and development: results and future implementations

The research strategy of Convert in 2019 has been focused on solutions to the reduction of the Levelized Cost Of Energy (LCOE) by:

●Increasing the yearly producible at string level: new tracker design and tracking strategy focused on the use of bifacial modules;
●Decreasing tracker cost: use of lower cost structure materials/coating as Weathering Steel;
● Extending service lifetime of the tracker up to 35 years: Improving existing know how for a more correct prediction of the corrosion behaviour of used steels/coating, in particular of the proposed Weathering Steel.

These goals are at the basis of our core business and are shared and pursued in the GOPV project (a EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme), of which Convert is an active partner.


Distributed Generation

Convert is proud to announce the new solar plant in Goias, Brazil, realized for the Resort Malai Manso.
Convert's goal is to support private users - firms and hospitality industries - with a watchful gaze on innovation, by providing new and sustainable solutions.
The distributed generation allows an intelligent management of solar energy, using smart grids capable of handling discontinuous and bidirectional electrical flows. Thus the aim of distributed generation is to limit the stress generally suffered by conventional power station and the risks associated with it, using small-scale smart grid, able to work autonomously.
That's why photovoltaic solutions for private firms and users have to involve distributed generation.


Convert: New tracker design for reducing LCOE and LCA

Under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Project, GOPV, Convert is working on reducing the LCOE and LCA of large PV plants. In this vein, it has developed a new tracker and tracking strategy focused on the use of bifacial modules


Tracker TRJ-WS

This year Convert presented the Weathering Steel tracker (TRJ-WS) a single axis tracker made in Weathering Steel. The TRJ-WS is the result of the Research and Development Department of Convert, finalize to reduce the LCOE. The innovation of TRJ-WS respect to the current TRJ tracker stands in the protection against corrosion, obtained by using Weathering Steel (WS) instead of Hot Dip Galvanized Steel or other protective treatment.

Reduction of the production time and easier logistic
Enhanced assembly errors capabilities
No risk of compromising corrosion protection coating
Lower energy requirements and CO2 emissions 8 ÷ 12%
High recyclability thanks to the absence of zinc residual
Corrosion rate about 4-5 times lower than that of a traditional carbon steel


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