Design and produce all tracker TRJ components based on Convert design and low technical tolerances, submitting them to continuous strict checks: this is the certificated Convert quality.

Convert entirely designs and produces every single piece of the TRJ with its engineer team, ensuring the best reliability according to a severe technical and quality control policy. Moreover, also the local content providers are submitted to the same frequent and strict controls to verify that all components are compliant with the highest Convert quality standards.

Convert method

The Convert method is a work philosophy, an operating concept which the company pursues from its foundation in 1981, with perseverance and will of growing and improving. The Convert method derives from passion for research and technological innovation, accuracy in designing, in-house production quality, personal care of the customers’ needs and finally from expertise to the after sales advices and Operation & Maintenance actions.

Convert history is made of technology, projects, solutions, future market oriented strategies. But above all, it is made of ideas, passion and heart of everyday people in Convert, in Italy and all over the world, who work hard to ensure the success and reliability of the company.

Giuseppe Moro - Convert President and CEO


Design quality, material quality, plant production techniques quality, components quality: a company mission confirmed by the highest national and international certifications obtained by Convert during years.


Gained in 2012 after numerous checks, Convert TRJ is the first tracking system in the world to receive this certification.


Gained in 2013 from the main US worldwide safety consulting and certification company.

ISO 9001:2008

Gained in 2009, it certificates the company development processes and management system efficiency of Quality Control.


Certification of safety requirement compliance as stated by EC regulations, gained by Convert for all its photovoltaic products.