Permanent supporting his customer, driving his experience along every step from preliminary approach and design to commissioning, and after that providing valuable operation services to his products through its large and careful network of O&M operators.

Deriving from its experience as EPC and global tracking system provider, Convert Italia is able today to support its customers during any single step of the project delivery due to a wide range of services unique in the market. Design support, training programs, on-site supervision are just few of the services tailored on purpose to ease and speed up photovoltaic plant erection and lowering production times and costs. A team work that bring customer needs in the path of excellence.


Convert is able to support its customer from the project development, setting the preliminary and executive phase in agreement with its technical team, providing a logistics expert and the necessary know-how for the best technical and also documentary preparation.

  • Preliminary design:

    study and support in specifications development

  • Executive design:

    support in defining technical need s and details

  • Executive teamwork:

    working together with technical and R&D department

  • Design plan:

    setting in joint planning with the customer

  • Logistics:

    participation of a project dedicated Convert Logistic Expert

  • Project documents:

    all technical deployment support in structural custom need design


Convert support services also play a role in all implementation steps, supervising every construction steps, from laying of foundations to the final quality control and commissioning, with dedicated managers and engineers.

  • Installation support:

    supply of video and print version of explanation tools

  • Installation support:

    specific training of customer designated personnel

  • Supervision:

    specific control on pole ramming or foundations phase

  • Dedicated training:

    on-site  training for every installations phases

  • Quality check:

    on site installation supervising and quality-control

  • Problem solving:

    general on site support and troubleshooting

  • Project Manager:

    a project dedicated Convert Project Manager

  • Construction Manager:

    an dedicated Erection Manager on site

  • Logistics:

    any support along all the logistics chain


Once installation is completed, Convert manages every aspect of the tracker functionality and integration with the other technologies of photovoltaic plant, from personnel training to quality control, providing also the IT support.

  • Training:

    personnel training on commissioning and quality control

  • Quality control:

    quality-control run on site by Convert engineers

  • Problem solving:

    on site technical support as hardware and software troubleshooting

04. O&M

Operation & Maintenance Convert after sales service, is the best guarantee for the tracker system:  ensuring a longer service life, the maximum energy production and the return of investment in the planned time.

  • Service:

    specific tools for Operation & Maintenance

  • Training:

    customer personnel training on O&M basics

  • Support:

    direct intervention with Convert personnel for Operation & Maintenance