Convert A Valmont Company completes technology testing phase with Reiwa Engine

20 December 2021

Most of these facts we can encounter in the story of Reiwa Engine, a start-up born of sharing ideas, skills and knowledge. Reiwa Engine is an Italian system integrator that studies, designs and realizes customized solutions in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence and industrial plants.
Reiwa’s SandStorm, the company’s first robot, allows automated cleaning of large photovoltaic systems, while strongly reduces environmental impact due to its dry cleaning, recyclable components, autonomous and fuel-free power supply system.

Convert and Reiwa Engine are constantly exploring how can their customers benefit from the synergies that the two companies can enable. Convert has made during this months the tests for the SandStorm’s performance in its Italian factory in order to get insights on the efficiency of the product working on the bifacial solar panel technology. Tests successfully passed, give the opportunity to reshape the market for the cleaning of photovoltaic systems. The next step will be supplying and implementing during 2022 the integrated prototypes on the first Italian photovoltaic plant.

Current challenges

One of the main challenges of the photovoltaic plants is the need for more effective cleaning and maintenance machines, in order to reduce losses and optimize efficiency. For example, a small shadow or some dirt on a solar panel is enough to have a negative impact on its energy production. In desert areas, where many photovoltaic parks have been built, dust and sand are deposited on the panels, inducing a loss of production of approximately 25-30% of the total generated energy.

“With SandStorm, we are the ones who adapt our solution to the existing structures,” says Salvo Salerno, co-founder of REIWA Engine. This is our strength. The SandStorm robot revolutionizes the solar panel cleaning industry because it allows us to cut 30% of the current costs for cleaning and to reduce by about 90% the economic loss caused by lost production due to the accumulation of dust or sand on the panels”.

“This solution fully embraces Convert challenge and commitment towards a greener future. The improvement and optimization of the plants yield, reduces maintenance costs while saving resources. This guarantees a strong LCOE reduction” says Matteo Demofonti, Business Line Manager EMEA.

With a constant approach oriented to research and innovation, proud of being part of the ambitious project to create a better and sustainable future, Convert continues to invest in its territory through the TRJ single-axis tracker’s local product and to engage into collaborations being committed to Valmont’s vision: Improving Life Around the World.


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