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Convert Sponsor of Mirec Week

21 April 2017

Convert will be one of the sponsor of Mirec Week, the largest marketplace and networking platform for Mexico’s clean energy sector.

The abundance of different renewable energy resources, growing demand for power, macroeconomic stability, and historically high electricity prices continue to position Mexico as one of the most attractive destinations for investments in renewable power generation.

Despite enjoying some of the highest wind and insolation levels in the world, Mexico has yet to develop most of the potential of its renewable energy sources.

Mexico’s PV market also offers attractive opportunities, with some analysts expecting it to become the strongest PV market in Latin America over the next 5 years. The number of solar power developers has soared since 2010, going from 46 to more than 600 and the country’s installed PV capacity is expected to grow from roughly 67 MW at the end of 2014 to more than 1,300 MW by the end of 2018 and is set to increase 20 times the current installed capacity by the end of 2020, reaching 5.4 GW as a result of the completion of projects won in Mexico’s 2016 energy auctions. As a result of the reforms implemented by the government in the energy sector, barriers have been eliminated that impeded the development of new projects and technologies, achieving significant growth in the installation and development of new projects.

For all these reasons, from 8 to 12 of May Convert will attend to the most important energy event in Mexico: the Mirec Week; the largest marketplace and networking platform for Mexico’s clean energy sector is and will unite over 1,500 senior level attendees, 200 speakers, over 5 days from across the value chain, including project developers, investors, banks, and regulatory agencies.

Convert will be one of the sponsor of this Big event.

After the recent success in Chile and in Brazil, where we have founded Convert Energia Renovavel ltda, to better follow the entire Latam area commercially and technically, throughtout a proximity and positioning strategy, as well as growth needs, we want to be present in Mexico with our technology and our expertise to help the country in this great commitment to change towards renewable energies“. Giuseppe Moro – Ceo of Convert.


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