Expanding the Clean Energy Revolution in Chile. Through its Convert brand, Valmont® has begun commissioning for the largest solar plant in Chile, with 34,800 solar trackers generating 375 MWp.

10 November 2021

Valmont Industries, Inc. (NYSE: VMI), a leading global provider of engineered products and services for infrastructure and irrigation equipment and services for agriculture, today announced Convert, a Valmont company, has completed shipment and begun commissioning what will be the largest solar plant in Chile. This milestone marks an important development forConvert, a leader in the photovoltaic industry.

Once fully operational, the plant is expected to generate about 1.16 GW of clean energy and will reduce carbon emissions by 900,000 tons.

The Chilean photovoltaic (PV) plant will cover an area of 1,152 hectares (2,847 acres), with a perimeter of 23.7 kilometers (14.7 miles). Made up of 34,800 TRJ solar trackers, the plant will be capable of generating 375 MWp (megawatt peak), a measure of rated power output under ideal conditions, such as at noon under full sun. 375MWp is enough to power 225,000 homes during peak times.

Service After the Sale

Convert support services play a role in all stages of implementation, according to Leonardo Spaccavento, Head of Project Management for Convert. “Dedicated engineers and managers oversee each stage of construction, from laying the foundations to final quality control,” he says. “And our ongoing service, from staff training to IT support, guarantees a longer life, maximum energy production and return on investment.”

Spaccavento goes on to describe that despite the pandemic and related travel restrictions and supply chain issues, they were actually able to deliver earlier than scheduled.

“Convert tailor-made this solution for this installation,” says Matteo Demofonti, Business Line Manager EMEA. “The optimized tracking angle of TRJ trackers enables flexible planning in day-to-day tracking, and our new tracking software makes the entire process simple.”

Committed to Sustainability

For 75 years, Valmont and its brands have been committed to sustainability. Valmont renewable energy solutions will continue to play an important role in the transition to a clean energy economy, as well as improving life around the globe by supporting local economic growth.

About TRJ Trackers

TRJ Trackers are a flexible, reliable tracking control system that maximize performance based on topography, weather conditions and other factors, making ground solar fields more efficient than fixed tile. Single-Axis Trackers offer system production increases of up to 25% compared to fixed-tilt systems and help maximize energy yields while avoiding anomalies caused by shadows. The Trackers utilized by the Chilean plant are “two-in-portrait” (or vertical) models, powered by a bifacial technology, producing power from both sides of the panel.

Leading Latin America’s clean energy revolution, Valmont and Convert are pioneers in solar trackers and renewable energy


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