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The single axis tracker, perfectly fits and integrates itself in every kind of technology used in photovoltaic plants projects. Reliable and permanent technologically upgraded: this is Convert TRJ TRACKER.

The single axis tracker TRJ is completely designed, developed and patented by Convert and leverages the relevant experience and know-how as reached in the construction of large photovoltaic systems form 2006, with more than 50 installations worldwide.Thanks to the TRJ, Convert answers to the demands of performance increase of photovoltaic parks with a very high quality modular product, very simple and easy to install, maintain and integrate in all PV industry technologies.


TRJ technology

The single axis tracker TRJ adopts an electro-mechanical technology to follow the East-West solar exposure every day on a North-South horizontal axis of rotation, to positioning the PV panels always on the perfect angle with sunray’s.

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01. A

Bearing Transmission

Spherical self lubricated plain bearing of Convert design to compensate inaccuracies and error in mechanical structure installation.

01. B

Modular Structure

Completely balanced and modular, the TRJ structure does not require specialized personnel for installation and assembly.

01. C

Driven Gear

“Independent raw” solution, with unique independent double dust protection ring AC engine.

01. D

Control Board

Easy to install and self-configuring control board. Extremely scalable communication system, support both wired and wireless connection thank to the “Lora” plug & play module.


Convert Method

The Convert method is a work philosophy, an operating concept which the company pursues from its foundation in 1981, with perseverance and will of growing and improving. The Convert method derives from passion for research and technological innovation, accuracy in designing, in-house production quality, personal care of the customers’ needs and finally from expertise to the after sales advices and Operation & Maintenance actions.

Product monitored Safety tested

Gained in 2012 after numerous checks, Convert TRJ is the first tracking system in the world to receive this certification.

European Conformity

Certification of safety requirement compliance as stated by EC regulations, gained by Convert for all its photovoltaic products.


Plus & Advantages

No special tool or highly skilled labor required for installation. Perfectly compatible with every type of photovoltaic modules, easy to maintain, reliable and safe: these are just some of the strong points of Convert TRJ a tracker able to improve a photovoltaic fix park energy production, over 25%. Every 10 trackers only needs one control board to optimize the system performance, completely integrated with GPS and with a dedicated software which allows a real-time control of all main functions, lowering maintenance costs and fault risks. A Scada systems is available on request.

Plug & Track

Easy to install and maintain, “maintenance-free” components and self-configuring control board is the key of the Convert TRJ to basically be permanently available

Local Content

Convert TRJ has been designed and industrialized as an independent movement technical elements from the steel mounting structure that con be produced and purchase locally

Tech Integration

Convert TRJ is compatible with every kind of technology used in photovoltaic industry both electrical and Sw communication matching customer design requirement

In-House Development

TRJ is a solution entirely designed and developed by Convert and continuously control and improve to ensuring quality and long lasting reliability



This year Convert presented the Weathering Steel tracker (TRJ-WS) a single axis tracker made in Weathering Steel. The TRJ-WS is the result of the Research and Development Department of Convert, finalize to reduce the LCOE. The innovation of TRJ-WS respect to the current TRJ tracker stands in the protection against corrosion, obtained by using Weathering Steel (WS) instead of Hot Dip Galvanized Steel or other protective treatment.

Product innovations


Deriving from its experience as EPC and global tracking system provider, Convert Italia is able today to support its customers during any single step of the project delivery due to a wide range of services unique in the market. Design support, training programs, on-site supervision are just few of the services tailored on purpose to ease and speed up photovoltaic plant erection and lowering production times and costs.



Now Convert provides tracking system worldwide to realize large scale photovoltaic plants, applying on client site, its in-house technological solutions developed in years of a unique experiences in terms of every aspects and problems that is inside every photovoltaic construction.

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The plant, built in 2015 by the International EPC of Merloni Group, Progetti International, opens the South American market to Con...

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